Contact Form Settings

AP Ajax Quick Contact Module comes with a new great-lookin' admin. Using Aplikko's admin is giving you various choices to config "Contact Form Settings", including also your imagination to combine the settings as you like.

All Settings

  • Contact Form Width
  • Contact Form Labels
  • Email Settings
  • Validation Messages
  • Success Message

Contact Form Settings Dynamic Form Width

In the era of responsive design, we turn from pixels to percentages, when ever we can. Use built-in slider in admin to make dynamic width for the AP Ajax Quick Contact, in percentages (make it responsive). For example: 70%. The range goes from 30% to 100%.

Contact Form Settings Contact Form Labels

Contact Form Settings Email Settings

  1. Recipient's Email * - Recipient's email address is the one that will receive emails sent via AP Ajax Quick Contact form. To this email address sent emails will come. This field is required - Make sure you type recipient's email in.
  2. Email Subject - Subject of email sent via contact form.

Contact Form Settings Validation Messages

  1. Error checking fields (for validation) - Enter here pre-text for validation, for example: "Please, enter your", where validation will add dynamically "Name", "Email" and "Message" from labels that you already putted above (Name, Email, Message). For example:
  2. Error checking email (for incorrect email) - Custom error message for email specifically, where email has been filled incorrectly.
  3. Captcha Error Message - Enter here custom error message for Captcha (if Captcha is enabled).

Contact Form Settings Success Message

Successful Transmission Message - This is an ajax message when email has been sent. You can enter here a custom "Success" message with html code in your WYSIWYG editor.

For example:

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