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Select the content source for module, weither you choose "Joomla Content" or "K2 Content", select the category. K2 source is very similar to Joomla source.

Source Joomla or K2 Content

  1. Source - Joomla or K2 Content

Creating slides is an easy as creating articles in Joomla. It is the "C A M" approach for publishing: Category Article Menu.

Create a category in Joomla, then articles with images (one image per one article) in created category and you're almost finished. Then select "Source" "Content Source" from admin menu of AP Bootstrap Carousel Module and asign Module ("Menu Assignment" in admin) and that's it. When the module is published and module's position selected, your prepared content will show on your site as carousel.

Same goes for K2 articles as for Joomla, just build articles with images in K2 and AP Bootstrap Carousel will do the rest for you.

Source Image Folder

Select the content source for module, if you choose "Image Folder", set the image folder path.

  1. Select "Image Folder Path"

  2. Drag Image
  3. Use Drag image(s) to re-order as you like.

  4. Modal for "Edit" slide
  5. Click on the "Edit" to open Modal window. In this way you can setup Title, Link and Description for one slide.

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