What is AP Bootstrap Carousel?

J 3.x PRO 3.3 M

AP Bootstrap Carousel is a lightweight but powerful Joomla module used to show images in slideshow or carousel. AP Bootstrap Carousel uses Bootstrap library of Joomla 3.x, integrated with responsive feature so it’ll display gorgeously on all screen type, mobile or computer. In addition, our module will auto change size to fit the image’s size and the position you using it so you can use it anywhere, with any images. Also, we provide a powerful backend configuration so you can setup AP Bootstrap Carousel with ease.

Highlight features:

  • HTML5 & CSS3. Fast, accelerated CSS3 animations. Enhance the visual appearance of web.
  • Bootstrap based.
  • Responsive! It works on all devices.
  • Chosen Image Folder. Use images from specific folder in admin, re-order and customize easily (custom title, desription, link).
  • Rendering images via php resize (custom width/height.)
  • Lazy-load. Delays loading of images. Great for mobile devices to speed up page loadings.
  • Autoplay (autostrart) with custom time interval.
  • Touch-friendly support, including swipe support for mobile devices.
  • Cross-Browser support. Works great in all the modern browsers.
  • 6 Custom Styles included.
  • 3 Basic Effects (crossfade, horizontal or vertical slide).

Browser Recommendation:

  • Internet Explorer 9 and newer (IE7 & IE8 functionalities may be somewhat limited)
  • Firefox 9 and newer
  • Safari 5 and newer
  • Chrome 17 and newer
  • Opera 11.6 and newer
  • JavaScript must be activated.

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