AP Accordion Menu

AP Accordion Menu

J 3.x PRO 3.4 M

Accordion Menu is all-in-one vertical accordion menu solution that can handle any number of sub-menus and features including the option to select either “hover” or “click” to activate the menu, add a count showing the number of links under each menu item & auto-expand menu based on the current page. Icon classes, images and subtitles in title (links) are supported. Also, you can use 3 pre-define themes or “Custom” theme with unlimited color combinations.

AP Accordion Menu showcase

AP Accordion Menu

Module Settings

AP Accordion Menu module is easy to use and easy to customize. Using Aplikko's admin gives you various choices to customize “Settings” and “Layout”.

  1. Select Menu - Select the menu from drop-down list.
  2. Base Item
  3. Start Level
  4. End Level
  5. Show Sub-menu Items
  6. Event Type. Event for activating menu - options are “click” or “hover”.
  7. Auto-close open menus
  8. Disable Parent links
  9. Save menu state (uses cookies).
  10. Animation Speed
  11. Show Toggle Icons
  12. Count number of child links


Ap Accordion Menu comes with 3 predefined styles (themes) and “Custom” theme with unlimited color options, that can match every need. “Custom” theme styling includes:

  1. Font size
  2. Links height (menu items)
  3. Background and links colors
  4. Icons size and color
  5. Toggle icons colors
  6. Divider color
  7. Counter colors
  8. Subtitle style and color
AP Accordion Menu

AP Accordion Menu

Highlight features:

  • Responsive and Mobile compatible
  • Icon Classes – Support for icons and images in menu links.
  • Subtitles – Support for custom subtitles bellow menu title.
  • Click / Hover event for activating menu.
  • Enable / Disable Parent links. Any menu items that have child elements will have their links enabled or disabled and will only open/close their relevant sub-menus.
  • 4 Themes (Styles) including “Custom” theme with unlimited color options.
  • Auto-close open menus. Clicking on a new menu item will automatically close the previous one.
  • Count number of child links. It will add a count of the number of links under each parent menu item.
  • Show / Hide Toggle Icons.
  • Animation Speed. The speed at which the menu will open/close. 3 Options available: Fast, Normal, Slow.

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