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J 3.x PRO 3.3.3 M

AP Portfolio Module is a responsive portfolio with "Isotope" library. This module allows you to easily create a grid View that uses the amazing Isotope jQuery library to dynamically filter the elements (articles) displayed. You can reveal & hide items with filtering and re–order items with sorting. The syntax is very simple, but the layouts can be really dynamic and intelligent.

AP Portfolio is an extension that helps users create a portfolio, gallery or blog with filter, lightbox effect, page details and categories. It is compatible with Joomla 3.x, easy to install and a perfect solution for you to create your own portfolio in Joomla!

The module has an extensive array of options to configure every aspect of AP Portfolio, with easy to use admin area.

Highlight features:

  • Responsive! It works beautifully in all devices. Fully responsive & supports Joomla 3.x
  • Custom columns You can create from 1 to 10 columns in one row easily.
  • Ajax Loading. Load more items (articles) via Ajax.
  • Cross-Browser support. Working great in all the modern browsers.
  • 5 Custom Styles included.
  • 4 Lightboxes (PrettyPhoto, Fancybox, Slimbox or Image Lightbox).
  • Multilingual Support (custom text in your language).


UPDATE – 13 September 2015 – version 3.3.3

  • [FIXED] Conflict between Mootools-more and Bootstrap library.
  • [NEW] Added: Mootools Fix button in admin, an option to avoid possible conflict with Mootools-more.js and Bootstrap library.
  • [NEW] Added: Enable introtext maximum characters.
  • [FIXED] “Image Lightbox” issues fixes when open with Ajax call.
  • [FIXED] Minor code and CSS fixes.

UPDATE – 23 July 2015 – version 3.3.2

  • Security Release: [FIXED] PrettyPhoto JS library XSS bug fix. PrettyPhoto is updated to version 3.1.6.

UPDATE – 1 February 2015 – version 3.3.1

  • [NEW] Added new style: “No-Space”, with no margin (gap).
  • [NEW] Added: Way to load main scripts, to avoid JS conflicts.
  • [NEW] Added: “Image Lightbox”, fourth lightbox.
  • [FIXED] Support for Chinese and other languages in portfolio’s filter.

Initial Release – 8 November 2014 – version 3.3

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