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AP Quick Contact Module is simple, easy to use and easy to customize. Using Aplikko's admin gives you various choices to customize "Form Settings".

All Settings

  • Load Script
  • Required fields
  • Validation Messages

Form Settings Load Script

  1. Form Settings tab - Open “AP Quick Contact” module and click on “Form Settings” tab in admin.
  2. Load script validate.js - Validate.js script is essential for this Contact form to work properly. If you use more than one script validate.js (modules) on same page, then set to “No” to avoid conflict.

    Also you can choose the method of loading validate.js script. There are two options in this case: “Add Custom Tag” or “Add to Body”. “Add Custom Tag” loads the script into the head of your document, and “Add to Body” loads it into the body of your document, to avoid possible javascript conflicts.

  3. Your Email * - Set the admin email. This is an email address that will receive emails sent via AP Quick Contact form. Make sure you type recipient's email in.
  4. Button text - Custom text for “Send” button.

Form Settings Required fields

Form Settings Validation Messages

Error & Success Messages

Error message for incorrect email:

Success message:

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