In this tutorial we'll show you, how to install a Joomla module for Joomla! 3.x website. Installation steps are very similar to installation process of any Joomla!3.x extension.

  1. Log into Joomla! 3.x Dashboard

    Log in to the Administrator section of Joomla website. Access your site on the browser e.g Type at your browser address bar e.g

    AP Smart LayerSlider

  2. Select extension manager menu

    At the top menu click at ExtensionsExtension Manager.

    AP Smart LayerSlider

  3. Upload module file

    At the "Upload Package File" tab, click to browse button, select the extension (zip file) which you want to install and then click Upload & Install.

    AP Smart LayerSlider

    "Successful" message should appear after clicking Upload & Install.

    AP Smart LayerSlider

  4. Enable module in admin

    From the main Joomla menu click to ExtensionsModule manager. Use the Search or Filter feature to find module, and then click on the module. Change module status from unpublished to published and assign module to pages on which you want to see just installed module.

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