Select the content source for module, weither you choose "Joomla Content" or "K2 Content", select the category. K2 source is very similar to Joomla source.

Source Joomla or K2 Content

  1. Source - Joomla or K2 Content

Creating slides is an easy as creating articles in Joomla. It is the "C A M" approach for publishing: Category Article Menu.

  • Create a category in Joomla (K2).
  • Create regular article(s) in your category.
  • Select one image per article. This will be a slide's main image. Module will render only one image per article.
  • Choose Joomla (or K2) category from AP Smart LayerSlider's admin“Source” tab.
  • Create a menu where you will link this category (articles).
  • Assign module to menu from “Menu Assigment” tab.
  • Publish module.
  • You're ready to go!

Note that AP Smart LayerSlider will render one image per article. This will be a main slide image. Later on, you can add more images as layers to the slide, explained more in "Working with Layers" section.

Don't forget to asign module, "Menu Assignment" in admin. When the module is published and module's position selected, your prepared content will show on your site as slider.

Same goes for K2 articles as for Joomla, just build articles with images in K2 and AP Smart LayerSlider will do the rest for you.

  • Use module in article(s) ~ shortcode

    If you want to insert module (slider) into your content (article), there is a easy way to do it. Joomla 3 comes with a usefull plugin called "Load Modules" which enables module to appear in content (articles) where you want on the page. First check if "Content - Load Modules" plugin is enabled in your (Joomla) Plugin ManagerContent - Load Modules.

    The best trick is to first assign your module to a "fake" position that is not existing in your template, but it will do the work. In your AP Smart LayerSlider module from "Module" tab"Position" (on the right), type any name you like ( See example modal ).

    "Content - Load Modules" loads Module positions within content and the syntax (shortcode) is {#loadposition position1#} or Modules by name, like {#loadmodule mod_login#}. Optionally can specify module style and for loadmodule a specific module title. To put it into your article where you want, just put this shortcode calling your position that you have already typed. So, if your module's position is layerslider then shortcode is {#loadposition layerslider#}.

Source Image Folder

This is the fastest way to create your slider. Select the content source for module, if you choose "Image Folder", set the image folder path. If you have prepared images in selected folder, AP Smart LayerSlider will render them all. If you don't have images in folder, then you can use Drag-and-drop uploader to upload multiple images at once.

  1. Select "Image Folder Path"

  2. Use Drag-and-Drop Uploader to upload images to slider
  3. See animated example bellow:

  4. Drag Image
  5. Use Drag image(s) to re-order as you like.

  6. Modal for "Edit" slide
  7. Click on the "Edit" to open Modal window. In this way you can setup Title, Caption and Description for each slide.

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