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Slider Settings Slide Options

  • Slide Width

    Sets the width of the slide. Can be set to a fixed value, for example: 900 (indicating 900 pixels). Default value: 1170.

  • Slide Height

    Sets the height of the slide. The same rules available for the 'width' property also apply for the 'height' property. Default value: 300.

  • Render Image mode

    If you want to use image mode which renders images (via php resize) from the image source, then choose CROP or RESIZE. Once they are rendered cached images will be in Joomla's “cache” folder. If set to “No” then images will be from original source (original dimensions and resolution). Notice that images will render upon opening the page (slider) on the front-end of your website. Default value: CROP.

  • Force Size

    Indicates if the size of the slider will be forced to full width or full window. The “Force Size” property is useful when slider might be inside other containers which are less than full width/window. It will still enlarge the slider to fill the width or window by overflowing its parent elements. Default value: 'none'.

  • Visible Size

    Sets the size of the visible area, allowing for more slides to become visible near the selected slide. If you set to '100%' other slides will become visible near the selected slide. If you set to 'auto', only the selected slide will be visible. Default value: 'auto'.

  • Slide Distance

    Sets the distance (margin) between the slides. If set to 0, there will be no space between slides. If “Force Size” in parameters is set to “Full Width” and '“Visible Size'” is set to '100%', this margin will be visible. Default value: 10.

  • Responsive

    Makes the slider responsive. The slider can be responsive even if the 'width' and/or 'height' properties are set to fixed values. In this situation, 'width' and 'height' will act as the maximum width and height of the slides. Default value: 'Yes'.

  • Image Scale Mode

    Sets the scale mode of the main slide images (images added as background). 'cover' will scale and crop the image so that it fills the entire slide. 'contain' will keep the entire image visible inside the slide. 'exact' will match the size of the image to the size of the slide. 'none' will leave the image to its original size. Default value: 'Cover'.

  • Auto Height

    Indicates if height of the slider will be adjusted to the height of the selected slide. Default value: 'No'.

  • Auto Scale Layers

    Indicates whether the layers will be scaled automatically. Default value: 'Yes'.

  • Wait For Layers

    Indicates whether the slider will wait for the layers to disappear before going to a new slide. Default value: 'No'.

  • Orientation

    Indicates whether the slides will be arranged horizontally or vertically. Default value: 'Horizontal'.

  • Loop

    Indicates if the slider will be loopable (infinite scrolling). Default value: 'Yes'.

  • Shuffle Slides

    Indicates if the slides will be shuffled, in a randomized order. Default value: 'No'.

  • Show Full-screen button

    Indicates whether the full-screen button is enabled. Default value: 'No'.

  • Fade Slides

    Indicates if fade will be used. Module replaces the default slide/swipe transition with a fade transition. Default value: 'No'.

  • Fade Out Previous Slide

    Indicates if the previous slide will be faded out (in addition to the next slide being faded in). Default value: 'Yes'.

  • Fade duration

    Sets the duration of the fade effect. Default value: 500.


  • Autoplay

    Indicates whether or not autoplay will be enabled. Default value: 'No'.

  • Interval (in milliseconds)"

    Sets the delay/interval (in milliseconds) at which the autoplay will run. Default value: '5000' (5 seconds).

  • Autoplay On Hover"

    Indicates if the autoplay will be paused or stopped when the slider is hovered. Default value: 'Pause'.

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